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What do you want exactly at the end of the day?

I was vexed with my work by doing all the day and had a quick dinner then I make my way to the bed, it is a open terrace where I can have a beautiful sight over stars and moon. Though I need a sleep desperately, I’m in search of something, seeing stars and moon over a beautiful night I forgot the tiredness which I felt whole day. I wonder how come a beautiful sight in-front of me makes me to forget all the negative vibes, then I said to moon, hey moon how beautiful you are, you made my end of the day very special, thank you so much, how come you make me so happy, how come your beauty makes me to forgot all my tiredness. Then moon replied:

Dear friend, you guys are amazing, you work for food, you work for your family, and all you need is a better sleep, I am there for you, with my friends(stars). We will come for you at the night and will arrange ourselves accordingly and move in the sky, perish in the sky and sings a song for you all the night, we maintain peace whole night, no disturbances to you, your children will have a food by seeing us and they sleep well.

By seeing the un-conditional love of moon, my heart felts happy. We really needs to have tension-free sleep at the end of the day. Will come over few scenarios regarding the main subject.


We were having many bonds, many relations, many works to do, lot of people who criticize us, we are working all the day, we are receiving the words from the people which will disturbs us, though we need to work because we have stomachs to feed. Yes managers will show their frustration on us, what we need to think is does the words really matters?, really bothers?, no. They are the people who will be with us in a day for 8 hours, they are temporary people, if you think of them desperately then your social life will disturb, they are one-third of our day, that’s it, we have other two-third of a day to spend, if we allows the things happened in one-third into our two-third then ultimate loss is for us, there will be no sleeps, there will be no parties, there will be no kisses, at the end of the day there will be no life.

Connect the scenario to the moon story now. We are working in one-third of the day, spending time with family and friends in other one third of that day, then sleeping in other third of the day, we are having the two-thirds at end of the day to spend with ourselves. We will have a better sleep, better relations, better kisses too.


We are thriving for our family in one-third of the day, we will have a conversations almost on other one-third of the day, if there were fruitful conversations then all good, if the conversations are not going good that will also impact our social life. Shouting over the family members doesn’t build a better social life in your colony, arguing every matter with your family doesn’t makes you a perfect husband or children or parent. So spend a time with family and surroundings, build a social life. If you are not having a conversations at all, then it will also impact you at end of the day, you need a person to speak about your losses, we need a conversation with our wife to share our success and failures, we need a conversation with our children to know their interests, we need a conversation with our parents to know about their health.

So be a family man when it is a time for family, know their problems, try to solve them, don’t rub your work pressure feeling on the family, share with them, educate them, love them, because you are working for them. Build a social life with friends where they will be helpful to you in handy, don’t keep them apart once your stomach if filled, talk to them often, visit their families, treat them as heroes in-front of their parents and children, we are just giving our words which will keep them happy.

Try to be a good social and family man in the other third of the day, if we are OK with the social and family life then at the end of the day we will have a better life, if we are OK with other third of the day, then we won’t have worries of children, we won’t have worries of parents, we won’t have worries of our social life.


Just sleep, don’t think of morning. If we are OK with our work life and family life then we should have a better sleep. Do you agree with me?. Yes. Suppose your work life is frustrating, then don’t impact that on the social life, if your social life is good then be with your family and hence you will have a better sleep, suppose our family life and work life is frustrating then we need to change, if everything around us makes the life frustrating then problem lies within us, manager may keeps on shouting you, but if we shows the same rage on our family then our family life will be suffered and we will keep on worrying that everything gone bad.

Be a gentle man or woman in the office, if you failed to be like that, then be a better family man, at end of the day, your earnings doesn’t matter, your love and care towards the family matters. If you showers love on the family then everything will be set, don’t even think of manager once you finished the one third of your day, treat him as a stranger if you don’t like him, you have family at the end of the day.

Sleep better because it is a healer to every problem, healer for a time to pass-on, healer for a pain to make you happy. Though we earned millions, at the end of the day a better sleep matters, beggar have a nice sleep on roads than a killer who kills many and sleeps in a seven bed-room villa. It is entirely depends upon the activities you have did in the other two thirds of the day, if you have done good activities you will have a better sleep, if not you will not have a better sleep.

Blog actually says that day is divided into three parts, one is professional life, one is family life or social life and other one is personal life. Professional life bothers many these days, they rub all their emotions on family or social life, which will disturbs the other part of your day, as we know more weight has more value, if your two thirds of your day are gone wrong then how come will have a better life at end of the day, sleep is a example taken here to personify personal life. Personal life also includes your interests, your aspirations, your travels, your love, your life. If you are not convinced with the other two thirds of your day how come you will be move on with personal life, just say sleep for a normal man who doesn’t have any aspirations nor interests.

Blog throws light on the employees who are taking the matters of professional life into the personal and family life and not having better life at the end of the day.

Enjoy all the three parts of your day, be a man of interests, be a man of love, be a man of professional values at the end of the day.

Thank you.

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