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What disturbs you most?

We are all on a conventional routine, eat, work and sleep. We want to be something what we think but we are the creatures who does shit of work no matter we like it or not. One day deep in the sleep, we think of what we want to be and we are not doing anything for it. Yes, we want something in our life to relieve the stress, pain, sadness everything that you have inside, it may be a person, thing, profession, art, travel whatever you want to be. Someone in the world needs something to become, we aspire to become, tried few times to go for it, suffering the pain when we are not able to do it.

Social profiles

Actually what we think about our-self is that we are born for a great things, normal things doesn’t meant for us. Yeah it’s true in recent times I came across a deaths of Imran and Rishi kapoor, i don’t know why people are so excited and post the pictures of theirs in social profiles and feeling sad, basically we want to make our social profile more advanced, more reachable, i wondered all at sudden, people in the regional villages who doesn’t know about them also posted, because they want their social profile to be more advanced, because they think social platforms are meant for only great things and if we are not part of it then society might not accept us, many of them are disturbed by their social profiles. Social profiles will make us super-human, does getting likes pleases you, getting 100k followers pleases you, i think no, we are tend to be some other guy when we are on social platforms, you doesn’t talk to a girl like the same way you talk to your mother, you talk about bikes, you talk about cars, branded things, because you think they might fall for you only if you have such things, at last you are in a shit.

Be like you even though you are involved in a social platforms, don’t get disturbed by the social platforms. Here is other thing, social life, social life doesn’t mean to engage in social platforms, social life is what your exposure towards the world, it doesn’t mean that is possible only on social platforms. Many of the people today clubbing their social life with social platforms, and they are regretting for what they have done. In my case, I publish my stories on social platforms, i come across appreciations as well as feedback by many readers, at the end of the day i disturbed only when i am not able to present the things which i have to tell, other than that i will not disturbed by any of the things that are happened by social platforms.


It throws you to another level, i want to be like that, i want to do this, i want to earn like that, these desires when clubbed with the emotions then it will happen, for example in my case i love the photography, i just roam here and there to click the best photographs, if today i didn't get the better photographs then it will disturb me a lot, a lot where i can’t sleep, recent days photography shows me what life is, i desired that my photograph should be liked by national geography and featured by street photography international, many days i clicked, i had a rare sleep everyday, i’m getting mad about the desire, i started exploring more on photography, light, lens, places, i don’t know when my desire comes true but i just gone with the rapo, days passed by, eyes becoming really bad, the day came at-last it was liked by national geography and featured on street photography international.

I just achieved something, i don’t know does it makes sense to others or not, what i desired is full-filled, and this comes with many sleep-less nights, it just shown me that if something needs to happen, we need be disturbed by that, we need to give something form within to take that.

Here in the blog i just want to depict the ways of people, i’m the same one before like being disturbed by the social platforms and when i choose the desire i have a same sleep less nights, same headache, same eyes pain but it all for a good cause. Be with you desires, go for it, give something from within to achieve what you desired for.

These are the two things basically i want to convey here today and i did it.

Comment which sections you want to fall in either 1 or 2.

Thank you..

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