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Types of fear

I was standing middle of the school where five hundred students staring at me, i need to give a command to the students as a leader, my voice was not so good to speak loud, pants got really wet, i can’t resist the lecturers full attention on me, time came, bell rang, attention students — I shouted, voice gone bad, people who were staring at me starting laughing, there were no words came up through my throat after that, fear, a lot of fear i faced on that day, the girl who stands next to me also laughed, everyone in the school laughed to the core, student like me, i thought who fears by seeing a crowd shouldn’t be on the stage as a leader, but on that day i am the person who was on the stage.

We have a lot of situations where fear stands upfront, talking to a girl, meeting a stranger, talking in the public, doing what you want, discussing career with father, talking to clients and managers, many were there where you need to face a lot of fear, it will stand as a barrier which needs to break but in the name of fear we refuse to break, and so we are feared and so we haven’t got that thing. Let us talk about the regional while entering into broader examples, imagine we’re in a situation where money is more needed than a passionate life, as-usual will go with professional life, go do a job get money get more money and then we look back, the situation had gone, we have a old age upon our back, this situation of needful has total control over fear, your need is your fear simply, we want money over art then fear has taken it’s lead, we can’t control this fear because we had many dependencies to be taken care, then when this type of fear be abolish? “let it go” is the answer for it, we have feared once about careers and chosen job over art and this can’t be changed, you loose art ultimately, i’m not speaking to the minority of the guys, i’m on a majority side, there were some who manages both art and job to be in a track, i respect those guys. If you need to give a kick by overcoming a conventional life then you should have two things with you, one what you need, two what your stomach needs, if you are ok with this statements then you are awesome.

Feared to come into the light. Pic from unsplash

There are some fears we must and should overcome in our life and i will say the process won’t kill us, like in my example i feared to the core, i can face that from next day, i did that, i stand again the next day, next month, for over a year i stand there on the stage and given commands to the students who were staring at me, end of the year if i keep aside the achievements as a school leader, there is one thing i achieved from within, breached the barrier, that is fear to speak in the public and now i’m free, presently i am talking at the seminars, writers workshops, meet-ups, this all had been done just because when i stand on the stage the very next day. Stand to bring the change in you, your humiliations doesn’t matter, your falling moments doesn’t matter, all matters is the moment you stand for what you want. This process won’t kill us, it just makes you feel like joker at beginning but as days passes-by you know that you are not the same as before. “Standing after falling down” can vanish the fear.

So guys grab up and note it down for which things you need to stand and overcome fear, if it is about speaking in public then give seminars, attend workshops, tell the online classes, you know the difference from very next day, if it is about proposing to a girl, then go and do it, if not she may not be there for you, if it is about business meeting, then talk directly to them no matter you lose projects at beginning, you can cope with that, if it is about fear of telling father about career planning, then go and tell him just now, because you may not have to regret in the future for not speaking to him openly.

Here comes the other type of fears where there will be a small amount of life loss, i’m feared of swimming, no matter how much i am determined, when i see a water i feel like dying, so to overcome this type of fear, you need to be more and more determined and should keep your lives on stake, at last it may comes to you or not. Yeah i agree with practice we can achieve this, a good trainer will train you to swim, but when i come to this type of fears i go on with statements which i mentioned before “what do i need”,”what does my stomach meed”, so i feel this(swim) doesn’t make more sense to me, to overcome this fears all we need to do is to forget them in the first line. I don’t know how to swim, i’m feared to learn, then fuck it. Don’t think and give more fucks on this type of fears, just focus on what you need, what your stomach need, if anything doesn’t fall into this categories then don’t give a fuck to that.

Here in this blog i says there were three types of fear that should be taken care, one the fear which comes in between the things what your stomachs need, those are food, happiness, laughs, money, assets. Second, the things which you want possessions, art, passions, public-speaking etc., thirdly, the things which can keep some more productive or happier, like swimming, mountain climbing, bangee jumping, ski diving, whatever.

So here in this three, know which you need to face, stand against that, do that, achieve that. We are not driven by our fears, we are driven by the moments that faces the fears.

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