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Three things that train the minds.

We have all one thing in common, that is to feel. Tell me one creature on earth who doesn’t have any feelings, answer is no. So do we have a similar feelings on a same situation, no, if we have a same feeling then we can’t predict what will happen, since ages man kind have given us many examples to look. Imagine a Buddhist in the place of Hitler, just give a thought for a while the scenario which I mentioned, does death of the people won’t bother the Buddhist, does Buddhist declares the war, probably answer is no. Here the feelings towards same situation have been changed. Immediate question is why, because we have trained our mind to control feelings, then why you have trained liked that, because the situations, experience and surroundings makes us to train our mind like that. Phew!

Think of yourself first then will dive into the subject. What is the amount of exposure you have since childhood, what is the incremental percentage of facing situations no matter good or bad, what is the load of the experience since childhood. Most of them answer saying, we have a lot of exposure than when we were a children, we have faced many situations than we faced before, we have a lot of experience that can help other person, then there is a question to all of us, don’t we really changed the way of seeing the situations, learning from the experiences, changing accordingly to surroundings. You may have a answer for this, hold on for a minute or two, I says that you are not the same child who helps the friend when he is in need, I says that you are not the same son when you are married, I says that you are not sweet heartened person when you are having a lot of money, I says that the view of yours over auto driver and car owner is different. Some answers might have changed, hold on for another minute, I says, for you regional politics are more preferable than house problems, I says, you preferred spending money on branded things rather on the things which you need, I says, you are spending more time on Facebook than with your loved ones. Now answer yourself, yes we have changed, we have feelings, we can face situations, we can gather experience, but what makes us to feel different, what makes us to train our mind like that.

Imagine Gandhi was been in the train and was served by the Britians in a very very good manner, where they don’t allow Gandhi to have exposure what is going on India, Imagine Britians given us independence without taking the blood and minerals from us, without wars with Bose, visualize for a second and think of that, where Gandhi doesn’t know the difference between black and white, where Bose doesn’t find the in-justice in India to fight, everything looks good, Gandhi and Bose were no more super heroes here, but situations doesn’t gone that way, Gandhi faced the humiliation of being black, Bose faces the in-justice in every corner of India, they fight, they set the flag, they died, they were our super heroes.

Here the situations faced by the leaders allows them to train their mind in that way, they were determined, their brains were determined to get the freedom for a country and whatever they faced, they don’t go back, they stood up, as their brains allows them to do that.

Warren Buffet

Now imagine Warren Buffet with zero experience, does he really evolves, no, he had huge losses, he had situations where he is ought to bankrupt, still he survives, here the losses gives him experience, they makes him to train his mind saying, no worries Buffet, you have a long way to go, learn from the experience and don’t repeat that again, this goes on and he never quits, he made the money once by learning from experience and now the money makes money. Here the feelings which comes from experience are very fruitful and mean time very danger, suppose an erratic Maoist rubs his experience to his fellows saying that we are under-mined, under-rated, society haters, then automatically his fellow’s feelings would change absolutely, he can kill many because he had listened and trained his mind accordingly. He can see the old women carrying vessel of water as enemy and kills un-known. It is clearly mentioned all the Moist, most of them were under age 20, why, do they have faced many situations or do they have much exposure on the world, no, they have been rubbed with the experiences of the elders that makes them to do weird things.

Last thing where our feelings will change is by looking into surroundings, he has car, she has ornaments worth cost 5 lakhs, they have empire, they are leaders, and you think, we are not having car, we doesn’t have even small necklace, we don’t have a small house on our own and thinking of empire is waste, basically majority of the feelings comes from surroundings, if a lady wears a ornament then surrounding ladies train their mind to have the ornament at any cost, they ask husband, poor husband says no, they won’t feed their husband just because of ornaments, husbands are no more less here, they have a friend who brought car, and they are having just a bike, they train their mind to buy a car, so they want to decrease the expenses, car is preferred over ornaments, this goes on goes on goes on. Majority of feelings covers here, hate, un-happy, feeling of death, under-rated, poor. Once this feelings come then you are not the same guy whom you were before.

The ultimate subject of this blog says, our feelings are controlled by brain, where brain is trained by ours, it is jig-saw, so first part of the blog says situations where you have been into, some of them change their feelings when they face situations, situations like, not in the position to read, eat, loved by someone, to bring the change in society, so these are the situations changes the minimal feelings. Next comes the experience, experience from losses, hunger, love, hate, falling down, growing up. If you keenly observe experience is the phase next to facing situations, if you have faced the situations then you have the experience. I can say the feelings which have come up from facing the situations and experience can have a larger impact, good(like in Gandhi’s case) or bad(Maoist case). The last one is feelings that raised by training mind by looking into surroundings, this is the majority one which we come across in daily life. This feelings have no impact on the good phase, this feelings says that we are not humans, something else.

I have provided three things that trains mind, train your mind by learning from the situations and experience, don’t learn from surroundings.

Comment your feelings here..

Thank you.

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