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Three Paragraphs of an Employee

We are at an age where we can’t leave what we have, we can’t aspire more by keeping what we have at stake. We may have many reasons for wanting to leave, but the only thing that keep us stick to what we have is a need. The need stops us when we makeup our mind to do something new by keeping what we have at stake.

What is need? What we need something by leaving something? If we observe keenly the reason we want to go for something is understanding our potential. We sit in the strange office works for some other strange company, doing the stuff they ask us to do. Eventually the process will get bored for us, we then think of our potential, potential is a matter of getting to know about ourselves when the odds are not in our favor, we who works for the strange company for a year, one fine day we think we are under-rated and we want something that fits us. Then we have two things in our hand, one to do the same job, second is to go for the job which fits us.

It is the never-ending process, once we know our potential there will be a momentum, then what is need? Need is what we feel comfortable with what we have, and we don’t dare to lose. Though we know our potential, our need outraces it. When you know your potential as a traveler, you made up your mind to leave a job, but the things which you have today may not be there tomorrow when you keep what you have at stake, the fear factor comes in, which decrease your potential. Does not going for what we want is a mistake we have done in our life? Does keeping all, we have at stake for the reason we want to achieve more is the good decision? Answers are unavailable currently. We feed our brain with the things more than it required, when we throw few of them I hope we will find a correct answer for the questions.

Thanks for reading.

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