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Thought Process

Words escaped from my mind and try to be here in the blog, it will be a problem for me to represent all my inner voices over here, sometimes thoughts will say you’re good enough to do that, sometimes you’re not in position to start, sometimes you are better at let-going things, sometimes you are fucking idiot sticking onto things, sometimes you can win, sometimes for sure you’ll loose. When i look into these things i come up with few statements that highlights the main context what we are talking now that is thought process.

Firstly how do we think, we think like the person whom we want to become, if i say go and click the photographs, then you want some motivation to start, you check for the people who are expertise in the field, you follow them, you will learn from them and in the deep minds you want to click like them, then in the future you somehow knows your unique style and you will become a motivation, you lived up to the motivation. There will be a period in between getting motivated and being unique, we all listen to the speeches of many, our blood will boil when we listen the stories of freedom leaders, our fantasies will rise to the core when we met a girl, our emotions got disturbed and get killed by ourselves. What is the period that we need to bear, love and teach our-self. It is a period starts when we failed and exits when we get over it. If you got motivated to become civil officer, you failed at first attempt and then your period starts, the period you want to bear, you want to love, you need to learn, then you failed at second attempt, then second period will starts, the period where bearing few things is very difficult, period where love towards success decreases and fear towards failure increases, you need to learn more in this period, emotional dilemma will arise in that period, you will be in a whether mind to go for a third period or not, if you are determined to go for it then you will be a civil officer, if not you will be like all.

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No problem if you are like everybody, i am explaining the process here, thought process will change due to failures, losses, loosing someone. The point where you fail, loose is where your period starts, the period which you have been into will determine the newer version of yours. So give a try which you are motivated, learn from the expertise in the field, go slow, be in period of failures, be in a period of loosing something and see the result, if you failed in the process then no problem not everyone destined to do same thing, if you failed to achieve the process then adjust with what you achieve.

Secondly, we get bored. I personally started writing a diary daily, then i did it for 2 months and then i stopped writing, do really i failed to write, no, i got bored to write. We in our daily life, we get bored of many things. If you start walking in early mornings, then it doesn’t lasts more than one or two weeks, if you are destined to read the editorial column daily, then you will stop reading after a week or two, because we want immediate change, if you play a football for a month then you won’t be a expertise player, but you want that change, if you are not seeing that change then you leave the game. Immediate change is not good for great happenings, if you want immediate change in anything then you will get boredom and you left the entire thing and regret some other day in your future. Walking a mile for a week or two doesn’t decrease much fat and there won’t be a much change in your physique, if you think that there is no much change then you will get a boredom and from next week you go at intervals and coming weeks you quit walking.

Here in this scenario, thoughts want immediate change, if your thoughts are seeing the immediate change then you will lasts some more time, if your thoughts are not seeing the immediate change then you will quit, as i say earlier to achieve great things one need to be persistent enough to be in the process. Thoughts which aspire for immediate things doesn’t have persistent mind and heart towards anything, we said to ourselves many times like, i tried my best but i failed, i tried to go for a walk but i’m not in a mood to go, i tried to play football but it rains, so these are the things that we keep in front-end to cover our exact thought process.

Thirdly, what do we gain by doing this. We are businessmen in many things, we think exactly like them, what is the ROI of keeping my time in gym, what is the return i am getting if i eat almonds daily, what is the profit if i click the photographs. Most of this comes from your surroundings, they will change your thought process, what is the point of going for trekking, what is the gain you are getting by clicking street photographs, what will be the status of yours if you do this. So these words coming from surroundings will change your thought process, you click the photographs daily and you clicked for a very long time and you are not getting any money then the words from surroundings will apt your situation and you left the photography, you helped a lot of people by maintaining the non-profit organisation and you are in deficit then the words from surroundings correctly apt and you quit the organisation.

Here in this scenario, our thought process can be changed by others and it also wants something in return, if your thoughts are aspiring for returns then the quality of your work decreases, then you may question me to what extent do we not think about profits, i can say you are in the periods of surviving and loving, if you love the profession and survive then you know the tactics to get profits, if you stopped at the periods and left the profession then you will not see the profits in future.

Here in the blog i talked about three things that impact the thought process, first one is thinking of motivator, one should be in a period of loss, failure and learning. Second one is immediate change will destroy the building habits, one should be persistent enough to go over and third one is to thinking of returns and words of others will change your thought process.

At last, be persistent enough if you are building habits, be in the periods of failure, loosing and learning to achieve greater heights.

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