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People routines post the lock down

I take up this project to cover the people routines post the lock down, i traveled few places near to my native and i clicked beautiful photographs which makes more sense.

I will showcase each picture and tell the story behind it.

Beggar on the streets.

While i'm on my way to shoot the villages, i stopped after seeing him, he has nothing to be worried of, he carries his bag and hold a cigarette on other hand. Actually when i see him i want to click him from the front but the story can be more connected when i click from back, so i arranged myself to take this photograph. He will be happy when he sees this photograph, i thanked him in my heart and gone forward.

Couple on bike

They were so happy while returning from their farm, actually there is no place to sit her on the bike yet she manages to sit, trait of a Indian farmer is to feed the animals because they were treated to gods in India. I got a wonderful whether in advance to go for this photograph. It seems like more candid but yes i got ready and taken few shots before to get the perfect output.

Walking friends

It was slightly raining when i take this photograph, actually they have gone to check the paddy fields and they were returning from the fields because it starts raining, the attire which they were in, feels like a swag, they had a nice time walking on the fields, i clicked the picture in a way where spectator only sees the subject they doesn't look into the background, because rain and clouds made the background very clear, you feel the same when you see the photograph.

Goat keeper

This photograph makes my day, rainy mood, fresh air, loving persons next to us, these all helped me to go for this photograph, when we our-self are fresh and happy from within then this photographs are result out of it. The person in the picture covers his faces with towel however, but the picture from back make more sense to me, this shows the eternal love of humans towards animals, he brought them outside to feed and he is enjoying the nature.

Mother next to his son

This Picture selected for a video magazine by street photo community, here in the photograph the mother sits next to his son where he is sleeping, they were under tree. She is seeing the fellows who come along with me, it depicts the un-conditional love of mother towards his son.

Old man on the road

He is walking alone on the road, seems he might be on his way to home, just after ten minutes i took this photograph it started raining, hope he might have reached the home by that time. He removed the mask, he felt it is like disturbance to his nose and just tied to neck. I thanked him for having him on my camera.

These are the photographs which i feel best that taken on my project of covering people post the lock down. Thanks everyone out there who are being in quarantine and making corona in-visible.

Comment your feelings on my curation..

Thank you.

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