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Grandfather experience over life.

Have you ever think of the relationship between wife and husband without talking for months, cause just before thirty years back there weren’t phones, how does the relationship survives then? how does going far doesn’t fear the loved ones? what are the things that make them to be productive?

I had a conversation with 75 years old, clean shaved, fit to go on cycle still, lovable human by the society around. I asked him the opinion about mobile technology, he had given a words which will make us to think of it. He said there were no mobiles among our times all we have is land line phones that too rare, we have no time those days to speak to everyone of our relatives, we talk to the people around and meet close relatives on random occasions. Today the mobiles make you guys to talk to everyone because you are getting more than you required and you think that might finish at waste if you didn’t utilize that and you keeps on calling to someone whatever the situation may be and getting into un-necessary conversations.

Ninety percent of your conversations are useless, yes I agree with him, talking to friends all day doesn’t make you too close than what you are now, talking to girlfriend all-day doesn’t build a nice relationships because the relationship guys needs to face the expressions in presence, togetherness build a nice relationships, inviting friends to play some random online games and calling relative to talk about the recipe you have made today. Everything other than required are useless in his terms, we had faced many problems those days because there is no line between us and family when we were at work in some other state, we have some messenger to send money to families at end of the month to meet needs. Now you have technology in your pockets, you can talk to anyone but other than requirement results in un-necessary conversations leads to succumb situations.

We have friends all-over world on platforms like Facebook and Instagram but there aren’t such good relationships with the residents who stay next to our homes, my grandson “ I had never talked to your grand-mother when I was in work for months in other states, I faced situations like getting sick at work, stucked in un-known villages because of rains and storms, all at end my wife thinks that I will return some day and she will feel the presence of mine when I came around and making dishes with fulfillment in the heart. There is no point of hate between us because our relationship had built like that, in my words love is having trust on the loved ones and believing that the last breath of their will be with me, my wife stayed in their mothers home in my absence and children awaited with their eyes for my arrival, they had a lot of love on me, their showering of love makes me to survive at any cost”.

Grand-father then what about works which you have done those days, why were you gone for that longs days leaving family behind your work, he had answers for that: “ Work is what keeps us productive all the day, I have been in fields before entering into businesses, we got up early in the morning at 3:00 AM, make our way to near canal to wash buffaloes and getting into paddy fields before 6:00 AM and starts our work, we had a nap in between our work and reaching homes at afternoon, having lunch and sleep for a while and then going for a grass which is a food for buffaloes, then taking them for a walk and coming to home at night, having conversations with the people of village and getting into bed. There is no matter of mobile phones, there is no matter of Instagram and Facebook, all we have is work and we do, later days we moved to towns as time being and doing different business to meet the requirements of the family, son, we need to work, we have food only after work, we have no such entertainment that you guys have today, work is god for us and we respect that”.

Listening to his words makes me more anxious to ask him one more question, now I asked him about money.

He laughed for a while and replied, “ We need money to meet requirements those days, we never fond of building a empire, I am the guy who thinks of better life, I never made my children sleep without having proper food, they had better food and I’m happy they had better education and better clothes, our ancestors have given us a lot of money and knowingly or un-knowingly we have lost that, we never regret for that, today in the society I have a good name though there is no lot of money with me, I will be helpful to someone who were in needy and with my money which I have earned till now I had lived a wonderful life, I had most beautiful wife by heart, good children who respects my decisions at times, nice daughters who took some of my traits, nice grandchildren who were in good positions, good friends for spending my old age time. I have looked at many of the people whose life is so terrible now, they have a lot of money but abandoned by their children, not having proper health, clashes in the family, from top of that if I see my life it is so better, I am happy for everything that happened in my life”.

Astonished with his answers, till now I have asked three questions to grandfather first, about mobile technology and we drew a conclusion of required talking is good for health, more talks leads to un-necessary situations. Second, about work, and we have a conclusion where work is treated to god those days. Third, we have a conclusion where money is a need, more money leads to more dangerous situations, money for a need is all we need, that’s it, better life needs to prefer over more money.

Three questions which I asked him, gives me a memorable experience, I had a beautiful time with him, saying bye to him after collecting his experiences in my notebook left me a feeling of leaving a good teacher.

Thanks for the grandfather for his views and experiences.

Thank you.

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