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Conversations changed the entire world.

The dawn of our era starts with a people who have nothing to wear, they lived naked, they doesn’t have nothing left to hide, they are not rich nor poor, they doesn’t know what they want actually, they doesn’t have a proper language to speak, to survive they eat something, it lasts like that those days. Then there arrives a piece of clothe on their bodies, they know what to eat and what not to, it is the start of every emotion. Piece of cloth and food changed the entire process, man has to embody himself a new emotions, those are hate, jealous and proud. I can say that we are carrying the hereditary of the first man on earth who covers his body with piece of cloth and handful food.

Man wearing piece of cloth.

The people evolves the hate, proud and jealous from within. There are few points to be highlighted like where do this actually happen, what is the platform for the humans to evolve hate, jealous and proud. Will look into that, let us take a room where you and your friend along with the stranger are staying together for a while, you sat by clicking your mobile and frustrated by seeing it for a long time, so you want to talk to the guys who were present there, you started by throwing a light( Satire ) on the people who were eating pizzas, immediate reaction from your friend, it’s ok to have pizzas, the stranger in the room agrees with your friend, you got bit jealous towards your friend for not giving support, there also evolves small amount of anger, you attacked them by saying, how come it’s ok to have pizzas, it will have a larger amount of fat and down the road it can cause us many health problems, poor friend and stranger who were desperate about pizzas triggers a counter it’s ok we will go for gym to reduce the fat, then you throws a conclusion it is not good for health, you are ruining your health by eating those and with this the day overs.

Let’s come out from this drama and will look into your character. firstly, you had perspective about pizzas, keep that with you, don’t eat because you think that it is not good for health, tell your friends once, if they listen then it’s OK, if not leave them, don’t think you know everything, you are not their parents, basically you want to be in conversation and needs to win, it’s ok to leave the conversation. If you stays in the conversation then you have seen earlier there is a chance of evolving hate, jealous and proud. Hate evolves because your friend doesn’t support you, jealous evolves because you are loosing, proud is a different thing only comes when you know everything.

Basically we think we have a lot of time, because we are the people who were using Netflix, Prime, Facebook, we think we have much time left and we can do more. Not really, we have limited time, lot of work to do, family to take care, moreover passions that keeps moving, we are not having much time, we are having time and that needs to care of. But we are talking about shit all the day, hanging onto girls who never cares for you, leaving family behind, seeing some regional funny programs and finding the bull-shit happiness in it. Yeah we have useless emotions just because we think we are having a lot of time, hate evolves just because you have time to see people who were earning and you are not doing anything to earn, jealous evolves though you have ability to achieve but one failure stops you and you refused to try, proud evolves by getting a fucking money from your parents and I repeat that is not yours, if you have bent your back and make your sweat fallen then yes it is your money, in that case there will be no proud.

OK let us settle here some time, we are thinking we have a lot of time and doing useless things, having bull-shit conversations that raised to few emotions which we never want. We will drag the introductory part where we said, small piece of cloth and handful of food leads us to all problems. I’m not saying anyone to be like Neanderthal, I just thrown a light on lives which we were living, we have everything on our fingertips, we have technology that keeps loved ones near though they were far, we have branded clothes and nice food to eat, on moreover we are the ultimate species in the universe. So what leads us to having a conversations that leads to wars, increasing hate, killing un-known, making friends, making enemies.

We like the people who praises us, we hate the people who throw words on us, India fights Pakistan and treats it as enemy and so does Pakistan, countries have a lot of conversations till now, yet they are fighting, to be in a conversation there should be need, India needs Kashmir and so does Pakistan, to win a conversation one should have some retaliation, India retaliate as fast as Pakistan does, to win a need both are having strong powers here, so the neutral conversation is going on here, they want Kashmir because they think it is theirs, we want Kashmir because it is our head to the country, need is same here in conversation, they want land, we want land, fighting for a need is what keeps conversation to go on for a long while. Leaders had conversation by talking, army has conversation by fighting, people of the nation having conversations among themselves about the country, the need is the core for any conversation, you fought with your relative for money, you love your girl for a beautiful life, you kill people for a power and that keeps the conversation alive. Whatever the conversations, people of the country showing their respect towards the decisions made by the country after every conversation.

Individuals in a conversation about a movie or recipe is a useless, they had it, they feel it, feelings actually need to share in the shape of talking to others, one of the observation of mine is, If you are in a office with your team, your team members are talking about the yesterday’s match, and you know nothing about cricket, you feel ashamed if you don’t speak, so you watch cricket the next day to talk in office, in the same way you talk about TV series, recipes, cars and what not, you want to be a part of conversation so you inculcate the habits what and all required, this will make to lost yourself. If you don’t know what somebody talking, then it’s ok, it’s ok we are not encyclopedia, it’s ok not to care about everything that happens in our surroundings.

What exactly the blog says,

  1. We are inculcating the habits to be in a useless conversation, just because you feel ashamed in-front of your colleagues.

  2. Every conversation has a need, need will stays longer, so does the conversations.

  3. Fruitful conversations are good to health, but the up and downs in the society prevents the fruitful conversations.

  4. It’s ok to leave the conversation with your friends in between.

  5. We think we have much time to have conversation.

  6. Passions and work keeps useless conversations away.

The main light that thrown on the lives of people is we feel ashamed if we are not in a conversation, we feel under-mined if we don’t speak up in the conversation.

The blog starts with the Neanderthal man who is having nothing left to hide, he had no needs before, but he had a cloth and food with him, he had some needs for him, we developed needs to have conversations, and here the need is piece of cloth and handful food. So to be satirical the problems of humans starts when the man wears the piece of cloth on his body. We have every needs with us so we are thinking we have time and we need a conversation on something and that leads to many situations which we seen before.

If you want something then there will be a lot of conversation, if you want to leave something then there will be a lot of conversation, conversation with loved ones is so fruitful, be with your loved ones, be with family, work yourself, make money, die happy.

Thank you.

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