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How come a 22 years guy and 75 years old person explains the same situation which is happening before them, whether the experience of old person outraces the boy, yeah to keep it simple, the experience tells what not to do, the young age with no experience tells what to do. Young age wants everything, they want to do everything, everyone fails, few got up and succeed, few builds experience. We can’t choose when we knew that our age has been increasing, you choose movies over book at your young age that is what you knew, then you come to know books help you in building knowledge and movies are waste of time this is the thing which you want to aware at young age itself. We are not aware of many things, it is not our mistakes nor our parents, it is nature, it is the duty of nature to make things happen in a way.

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Failing in life at twenties is much more better than failing at sixties, twenties make you move further, sixties resists you by moving further. Twenties will tell no problem you can go for it, sixties tells you it is not the best way for going it. Please don’t think of people like founder of Disney and KFC, it is your life, don’t pretend like you are something, be in reality. Experience will help absolutely no doubt in that. There were books written on habits, habits can be initiated and maintained by anyone no matter what is the age, I've read a book called atomic habits, where the author emphasizes on few things, change one percent today, it will be 365 percent change at end of the year, keep yourself surrounded by the things which matters most to you, if you want to read, fill the room with few good books, if you want to sleep well, then make your bed in such a way. I talked about habits here because inculcate few in your daily routine that can keep you focused on what you need mostly, your bagging of experience will be more beautiful if you follow a habit. People with no exponential habits can’t decide over in a future what to go for.

Well coming into my habits, i surround myself with lot of books, no matter what the genre is, the day without reading is a bane for me, so i keep in my mind to read at-least a blog per day even though i’m at a busy schedule, so at one point you may not really want to read but you read because you are habituated, i make my bed by keeping a book on the bed while leaving to office, so my return makes me happy whenever i see a book, habitual stacking helps me at the end of the day. I was on my mobile for few hours, because it is also helping me to grow socially, talking to the people who are very close to me. This is brief of my routine where i don’t think that i missed something, i am at my best when reading, i am at my best when making my bed. This habits makes my experience fruitful, i was on track and changing myself day to day, so i can concentrate on what matters most, i know what to do and what not to do, if we are, if we the people of young age maintains a certain routine we will be very sure what we need, it may be a money, possession, freedom. Experience helps only you were in a dark, don’t know what to do, don’t know what to read, don’t know how to live, build yourself, you are not the man who walks in the path that laid by some others, you are not the man who lives some other thoughts, you are the person determines your thoughts.

Today, i urge everyone to come out of your beliefs, gain your goddamn experience on yourself, know what to do and what not to do, live the thoughts, the days are gone my dear young friends, there is no need of talking to every girl who comes on your way, no need of spending on mobiles entire day, no need of giving fucks to everyone who criticizes you. As i say at start of the blog that experience knows what not to do, and young age with no experience knows what to do, i repeat again fail over and over, maintain your fucking habits, because that helps you to go in a way, the days are over my friends, we have knowledge to reach more heights, we have fucking boiling blood in our nerves to fight any situation that comes in our way, we have beautiful family that supports what we do, we have everything that helps us.

Context of the blog is simple, we fantasize we are great, but we think that we are not up to the mark. There may be few things that comes under and one most thing is experience, it will come however at sixties and seventies, at the time it comes we are not in a position to go for anything, so i urge to everyone make things happen, no problem if it doesn’t go well, build the experience so fast, we have many means to make it fast, technology, viable environment, lot of opportunities in our way. I am contrast to what i speak, but don’t make things rumbles your mind and make it shit. Know the procedure first, know the small things that helps you in building a large things, no problem you build a castle in the air, be sure that you start foundation early.

So guys one thing that you need to draw from blog, bagging experience is important, bagging experience through habits is meaningful, because habits make you a human, so human have more chances to bag experiences.

Comment your feelings.

Thank you..

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