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Abandoned but still happy..

There lived a man in village with four buffaloes which he depends upon, family which abandoned him by living in towns, beautiful tree to take a nap. To feed him there is no family, there is no person in sleep to share his feelings, there is no tasty food to eat, there is no certain respect towards him among the society, we are in a society where abandoned treat as death, but the man lives there with growling villagers, climate changing trees, time passing with two friends, sleeping alone in the bed not thinking of future.

Well questions might have raised in your minds like how does a man lives after abandoned, what is the mental situation of a man when he is all alone, how does the future doesn’t intrigue him, a lot of questions might be there.

The man is a maniac in the views of village people, when we come across the routine of his life, we will be fascinated, the first thing about a man is he does not care about his fellow beings talk, he raised in the situations where he draws a beautiful conclusions about life, and those were:

  1. Work for food, doesn’t mean work is big or small.

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All he had is four buffaloes, he just feeds them and milk the buffaloes, sell that and made money out of it and buys food. It’s over. Really it is all over, he goes alongside of agricultural fields by carrying bag to get food for the buffaloes and then feeds them, cleanse them and will clean the place for them to rest. He is having food out of it, out of for what he is doing. Does he ever cares of going to movies, roam in cars, wearing shoes may be his exposure towards the world his less but he knows how to eat three times a daily after doing such a hard work and he never regrets for what he is doing.

He says that he needs to work hard in order to get a food, and better clothes and shelter doesn’t matter to him, he just wants food to survive and he does only for that. How are we then, we also work hard for food, all in our cases is we care of shelter, clothes, and basic necessities like one lakh rug on floor, and even more needs like recliners to fall upon. Hope you got the point, we knows what we want, we want interior designed home worth of two crores and we buy that in loan and search for jobs which better suits to make the loan amount but not which we like and aware of.

We are thinking better job will give us a better life, and you’ll be sucked if our perception doesn’t change. We want job to meet our needs, that’s it. The story of a man continues with this conclusion of work which he is doing. He had a children once who had abandoned him for not fulfilling the wants of them, the man knows his children should eat daily, should have better clothes and education, he works for that and he have done it, he might not fulfill dreams of his children but needs he does, fuck children they left all I need to do is feed my stomach and it’s enough with the work which I am doing.

2. Happiness is a destiny for sad people.

“I am always happy kid cause I have nothing to dream of, nothing to loose, nothing to feed except my buffaloes”. I replied, you might have small dreams of seeing your kids, grandsons, going to some places which you want to go, buying good home. He replied, “You are kid, you brought up by seeing cinemas” I annoyed with his answer, later came to know that we are having a mini-sized cinematic feelings in our-selves. Cinemas shows you feelings and emotions which you correlate to tend to be situations, we can all come to know that sad people only are in search of happiness.

Here in the life of our hero the village man, doesn’t have anything to loose to feel sad, that shows he is always happy, he doesn’t buys a one lakh rupee rug because single drop of ink on it can cause him a sad feeling, he doesn’t have kids to see, they were gone and he has nothing left to give them so they does not come back, so happy, he doesn’t have dreams of going to some place to see, because the physical needs doesn’t matter to him, how come the psychological needs bother him.

He is confined to his conclusions which he draw. We are in search of happiness because we feel we are not happy, we need makeup because we feel we will not look good without it, we want money because we think what we have is not sufficient to meet needs.

3. Surroundings always wants someone

Bro how does Dravid played in yesterday’s match, how about his average and striking power, how was the pitch and the employee next to us having no awareness of cricket suddenly enters and replies yeah he was good at bat, actually he should not gone for that shot and it continues. So what is the scenario of talking about this here. We want to be talker, we should not want to be dumb while others talking, we want to be great at arguing, we feel broken when we have no answers.

The aura of arguing, talking un-known matters easily spread when we are in a society or a community. The matter really cares is what you know, we feel less about our-selves when we have nothing to talk in the conversation which we are not aware of, that’s the reason we watch cricket, that’s the reason we have Netflix subscription, that’s the reason we have card clubs, that’s the reason we talk about universe by reading two paper astrophysics text.

The village man here in our story does not care of what society thinks of him, he doesn’t argue with them on any matters, he is not aware of cricket so he just ignored it, all he matters is feeding buffaloes and milking them, if anyone comes and argue with him he gives a smile and left the place. Does feeling abandons him by this surroundings? No he not even listen what they talk, so he is however abandoned, so it’s better to stay like that, so no one ever wants him into their stupid conversations.

So Jayanth what do you want us to do with your in-depth watching and drawing points out of it.

Nothing, I am not asking anyone to change, I not even thrown satire on living of humans. It is a short story and conclusions of a old man who has been abandoned, he is happy though he is abandoned, we are still in search of happiness.

Hope you guys enjoy the reading..

Comment out your feelings here..

Thank you.

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